Sensual Yoga 

Wednesday Evenings: May 6, 13, 20, 27

Beaumont Studios, Alberta & 5th Ave

Using  posture, breath, and touch to synchronize body, heart and mind.

This clothing-optional yoga class is intended for self-identified men who wish to explore deeper dimensions of sensuality in their body. The first half of the class will include a blend of solo postures, breath awareness, toning and meditation. The optional second half will expand our practice to include partner yoga and simple gay tantra touch exercises that invite us to connect from the heart in authentic ways. Join Sequoia and Ziji to discover new connections between spirituality and the sensual realm of our energetic body.

Men's partner yoga
Partner Yoga

Spring 2020

Wendesdays 7-9pm

May 6, 13, 20, 27

4-Class Series Pack:

We discount the 4-week series because we know the value of learning over a series. We gradually build the level of challenge so you develop greater strength, flexibility, and subtle awareness of body, breath, and energy. If you find you are unable to attend all 4 weeks we'll be glad to give you a prorated refund so you only pay the drop-in rate for the classes you actually attended.

To purchase a 4-week series pack, or a single class, we would prefer an e-transfer to coach.sequoia @ [omit spaces].

If that does not work, you can pay via PayPal here:

$50 for 4 half-classes only:

$80 for 4 full-classes:

Single Classes

(please pre-register to hold your space): 

$15 for Part 1 only:

$25 for full class:

What can I expect?

  • Each class will navigate a unique journey using different modalities: flexibility, strength, balance, breath, touch, sound, and stillness. The core of each class, however, will be the same: to align and connect the energetic centres (chakras) of the body so that energy can flow unhindered.

  • We are invited to wear as much or as little clothes as we wish, to allow the body its full range of extension and expression.

  • The class is open to beginners as well as experienced yogis.

  • The first half of the class will feature solo work [7-7:55] and optional partner-assisted stretching and breathing

  • The fruit of yoga practice is a profound stillness within ourselves that uncovers the fullness of love in our heart. Therefore, where most yoga classes end, you can take your practice one step further by joining the optional second half that will focus on meditative, nurturing touch.

  • Partner work in the optional second half [8:05-9:00] will focus on sensual, meditative touch. We will respect each person’s boundaries in the touch we give and receive. We will not be sharing overt sex.

  • To join the second half of the class, you must have first participated in the first half.

Testimonial from Oct. 11, 2017 Class:

"I loved the yoga session last night. I liked the gentle flow of the evening, your encouragement, the combination of individual and group work. On my way home I felt my breathing better, my shoulders lower and a sense of community and connection with the other men. Looking forward to more. -Christopher Neep

Testimonial from Feb 18, 2018 Class:

"I have loved each and every class that I have attended and look forward to the more in May. I have been doing Yoga for about 8 years and still always enjoy and learn from each class. Sensual Yoga has taught me to slow down my practice and enjoy myself, I feel like I am starting to remember to breath in motion and to be in touch with my breathing. Such a long time, but I get it finally." -Peter Machan

Testimonial from Apr 4, 2019 Class:

Sensual yoga practice with Sequoia and Ziji has made me reflect deeply on the subject of how I connect with other men. Somehow - and I think the same is true for many gay men - I’m not in touch with my sensuality. I know I’m a loving man and capable of being sensual -  I’ve experienced joy in the anticipation and delicious tingling of touch -  both giving and receiving. And yet, despite knowing the pleasure of it, being vulnerable and surrendering to it, I ‘short circuit’ the feelings. Your wisdom is profound and important and with guidance from both of you, I’ll get there! -Chris

To register, either use the PayPal link above (details will be sent to you via email), or send us an  email ( to let us know you will be paying cash.


YOUR TEACHERS  -  Sequoia & Ziji

Sequoia and Ziji will be team-teaching: while one of us guides the sequence, the other will offer individual feedback and adjustments, which is a powerful way to deepen your practice.

We both  have many years of experience exploring and sharing yoga, meditation, and conscious eroticism. Learn more about Sequoia and Ziji.