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Welcome to Men In Touch

We are self-identified men of all sexualities, colours and ages, who are fostering authentic connections with ourselves and other men.

In virtual space we are learning to speak more authentically and listen more empathically.

In person we explore the language of touch inspired by the ancient principles of yoga and Tantra, which view each of us as a hologram of the entire cosmos. 

Our mission is to connect deeply in body, heart and soul.


Our Vision

Enter Your Body  //  Explore Intimacy // Be Yourself // Discover Playfulness // 

Connect Body - Mind - Spirit  // Uncover Desire // Experience Tantra // Deepen Connection

Upcoming Events

To see our upcoming events, hover over the "Events" button on the menu bar.

Men Connect
Men Kissing
Men Playing
Men's Touch
Men Communicating
Sensual Touch
Chakra Holding
Men's Intimacy
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