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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How sexual do your events get?
    In all of our workshops, we will share caring, nurturing, sensual contact with a range of men. You will never be forced to do anything you do not wish to do, whether that is in giving or receiving touch. Some of the touch we share may raise erotic charge. However, for hygiene purposes, we always maintain boundaries with all partners of no kissing, oral sex, or anal penetration. Furthermore, we do not include ejaculation in workshops.
  • What does tantra say about ejaculation?
    A common misconception about tantra is that it teaches us not to ejaculate. However, the approach is much more nuanced than that. Tantra is centred in an energetic understanding of the body. Sexual energy, residing in the second chakra around the genitals, is a particularly potent form of energy. In most sexual situations, we focus and build the energy in this area, and through stimulation, holding of breath, and clenched muscles, we can release that energy in the form of ejaculatory orgasm. Tantra teaches that there are other ways of working with sexual energy that don't involve ejaculation. We can allow the sexual energy of the second chakra to spread throughout the whole body, giving rise to different types of orgasms. When we provide the whole body with stimulation, let the breath be full and deep, and let the body stay relaxed, the energy can move in different ways. Since we men are well accustomed to ejaculatory orgasm, we don't include ejaculation in workshops so that we can explore these other, less obvious, ways of working with energy. You might be surprised what other experiences are possible! In the end, tantra simply teaches us that we have achoice. Raising sexual energy does not always need to result in ejaculation. We can learn to feel whole and complete, even without ejaculation. And if ejaculation happens... enjoy it!
  • How do I get partnered in workshops?
    In workshops, you will get randomly paired with other participants. We strive to make sure that you are paired with each man during the workshop, and that you don't spend more than one longer exercise partnered with the same man.
  • Who is welcome at our events?
    We invite self-identified men of any sexual orientation into our events. This is a very safe and supportive environment for men who are exploring sexuality in new ways.
  • Who comes to our workshops?
    We get men of all ages and races, all body shapes and penis sizes, and all levels of hairiness and wrinkliness! Part of our growth in workshops is to learn to see beauty in each person, regardless of physical form. We are encouraged to recognize that we can connect with each and every man in a deep and loving way. At the same time, we may feel like we cannot share certain types of touch with certain types of men, and so part of our learning is also about how to honour and communicate our boundaries.
  • How many people usually attend workshops?
    Most of our weekend workshops run between 8-14 men. For evening events, we can get between 10-25.
  • What are the chakras?
    Tantric philosophy says that our human being is composed of seven distinct energies, or layers of consciousness. These seven energies reside in different parts of the human body, as shown in the diagram below. The power of our sexuality resides in the second, orange, chakra, called the Sacral Chakra. When we channel this energy up through the other chakras, we can experience different kinds of energetic release.
  • How can I learn more about your work?
    Listen to a podcast in which we were interviewed by Tantra Punk:
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