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May 2023


I attended the Eros Massage weekend retreat offered by Vancouver Men in Touch. This weekend retreat was a fun and erotic gathering of a truly beautiful group of men who possessed lots of emotional intelligence, generosity, and kindness. I loved that we learned concrete massage techniques that were for real-world use with friends, lovers, and partners. This weekend helped remind me that my body is on a gradual path towards healing and new discoveries. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that I live in a time and place where this gathering is possible, and that I was able to access it. Thank you for a fun and nourishing experience!


Eros-Spirit Massage

November 2019

A "life goal" of mine is to create awesome life experiences for queer guys.  Something that connects us, builds community, removes barriers. manifests a sense of purpose, creates awe. My experience this weekend was a marvelous living example of this.  We moved from being strangers reluctantly standing in each others vicinity, to friends staring deeply and lovingly into each others eyes.  We transitioned from being prototypical gay men conditioned to exist in our bubble in a heteronormative world, to intertwined spirits, where being out of  physical contact with each other seemed like an affront to the beautiful spirit we all share.  Who knew this bliss resides within each of us?  Who knew the joy that exists when all of us combine and express our love energy?  


Eros-Spirit Massage

November 2019

Nothing is as sorely needed in our apps-obsessed, reclusive society as an occasion for self-identified gay men to come together under one roof and explore sacred touch with each other. And your initial invitation to drop all judgment of "what's good and what's bad" and replace our notions of what differentiates us as participants to an awareness of what connects us really helped to create a safe space for us all...

I also wanted to reiterate just how easy it felt to be guided through all the exercises over the weekend: you two were made for this, and it was really easy to follow all of your suggestions as we dropped our barriers and unblocked our chakras. Thank you for being so clear in all of your instructions with us and for saying all the right things to encourage us to open up.


Eros-Spirit Massage

October 2019

Sequoia and Ziji share a beautiful facilitation dynamic. As a participant it feels radical and powerful to experience the combination of yoga and touch. Thanks for the important work you are doing.



Sensual Yoga

October 2019

The experience that I had made me realize how much I have been holding myself back from enjoying life, love and the desire to live life to the fullest. 



New Mexico Retreat

August 2017

I found an incredible sense of supportive and inclusive community in Men In Touch. During our retreat, we reconnected with our old friends and met and welcomed new faces. No man was left behind. We came from all walks of life (different generations and diversified cultural backgrounds) to learn more about love, intimacy and ourselves. Despite our differences, there was a strong and intimate bonding among us all. There was a sense of belonging as well as a feeling that love is love – across cultural divides, and across generations – no matter where it exists, and that where we find that love, is also where we find family, no matter where it exists.



Bowen Island Summer Retreat

December 2018

I learned that authentic connection is where and how the healing begins. We start with connection to ourselves, to our bodies, to our hearts. Then connection to each other, skin to skin, eye to eye, heart to heart. Then connection to greater universe, to help Her heal and to heal ourselves. I learned more about myself, about intimacy and about ways... to embrace and surrender to the pleasure of giving and receiving -- when giving sincerely and wholeheartedly, we truly do receive; through fully receiving, we give a special gift to those we love.


Advanced Eros-Spirit Massage

October 2017

I loved the yoga session last night. I liked the gentle flow of the evening, your encouragement, the combination of individual and group work. On my way home I felt my breathing better, my shoulders lower and a sense of community and connection with the other men. Looking forward to more.

Christopher Neep

Sensual Yoga

April 2017

I am even more determined in my intention to open up and embrace the people, men in particular, who I encounter in my daily activities with a loving that comes through me and in so doing to develop my own sense of being part of a unique, wondering, sensual, open and loving tribe of men, a mankind of kind men.

Michael Connidis

Eros-Spirit Massage

October 2014

My experience of this weekend was a definite “A” – Awesome. I had a chance to meet some wonderful new people who share something I have been wanting to experience for a very long time. The weekend taught me many things such as how touch between two men can be so nourishing and fulfilling and that being nude together can be highly erotic by being able to touch and explore each other without engaging in full sexual activity. I am so glad I decided to attend this event as it has taught me a lot and I feel energized and very content with myself. 


Eros-Spirit Massage

January 2017

I've discovered I have only one erogenous zone: my skin!


New Year's Tantra Retreat

April 2015

 I found the work invigorating and truly insightful. It made way for an honest exchange of thoughts and caring interactions. Further, the workshop generated a senses of safety and belonging, a perfect environment for men to explore emotional and physical intimacy. I discovered how powerful male erotic energy can be. I also gained a better sense of what was truly important to me, my life and my relationships. Very powerful, very liberating, very healing. A tremendous experience ! Thank you again Sequoia and Ziji for creating such a nurturing, well executed and deeply fulfilling program.


Exploring Sacred Intimacy

August 2015

I came to discover the source of my limitations around intimacy, and as a result experienced a profound release of energy and emotion. This clearing of old “stuff” allowed me to connect purely and intimately with myself, and to connect in deeper ways with other men than I had previously known possible. Unexpectedly, I rediscovered a lightness, playfulness and joy that had lain dormant for decades! All of this could only have occurred inside of the safe space and expert facilitation of Sequoia and Ziji. It was clear that they have both done their “own work”, which allowed me, and the other participants, to sense their credibility and very quickly develop trust. This led the men in the group to open up with one another and communicate in very honest and intimate ways.

David Raphael

Bowen Island, BC

October 2001

Your skill as group facilitators I would rate as ‘awesome,’ both verbal and in terms of your yogic knowledge base. I was also impressed by your clear focus and even energy level over so many hours. Thanks for that gift and for your generous spirit throughout.


Orcas Island Tantra Retreat

August 2015

Joy and fairy dust. Wondrous gurus and guys created a weekend of delicious sensuous touching of skin, muscle, bone, souls, hearts. A single look into another’s eyes is worth ten thousand words. All my chakras start to smile whenever I think of the men in this special group.


Bowen Island, BC

May 1995

It is not a ‘heavy’ program; one doesn’t have to spill one’s guts out or do profound psychological soul-searching to participate. It is fun, relaxing, positive, nurturing, and is a well-balanced combination of exercises, meditation, and relaxation.

J. L.

Daisy Lake Tantra Retreat

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