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Events currently being offered are displayed in the Events sub-menu (hover over the word Events in the menu bar and it will appear!).

Our events are for self-identified men of all ages and backgrounds. We typically offer small group workshops between 8-20 men, which include getting in touch with our own bodies, and using that as the ground to engage in nurturing and erotic touch with others.

Workshops consist of individual, pair, and larger group work, as well as group sharing. Many touch activities are guided by facilitators, and others are more improvisational. 

All our work takes place with consent and safety. We encourage people to push their boundaries, but your boundaries will not be crossed for you.

Watch the video and browse the pictures in our Gallery for examples of the type of touch we share during our workshops.

Past Events

Workshops we have offered in the past, and typically offer, include:

  • Eros-Spirit Massage: a weekend of learning the principles and practice of tantric massage

  • Taste of Tantra: a weekend of experiential touch exercises that take us further into the understanding of Tantra

  • New Year's Tantra Retreat: a ritual that ushers in the new year, allowing us to shed the year that has passed, and set intentions for the year to come, all in a container of loving, erotic touch

  • Young Adult's Workshop: a weekend for men aged 18-40 who want to explore new ways of touching and being in the world

  • Exploring Sacred Intimacy: a weekend for experienced men (either through Men In Touch, or a comparable experience) to further explore the depths of desire, intimacy and the intersection of sexuality with spirituality

  • A Sensual Evening: An introductory evening to the kind of caring, nurturing touch shared during weekend workshops

  • Sacred Touch Yoga: all-gender, clothed, non-erotic events that focus on meditative touch. For more information, check it out here.

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