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Erotic Engineering: Mindful Masturbation

Learn more about the power of self-pleasure through instructional videos about masturbation.

Founder: Bruce P. Grether


Manology: Exploring 21st Century Masculinity

Manology is a friendly, interactive and experiential space for male identified people of all stages, viewpoints, orientations, and ethnicities. It's a place to reflect on masculinity, explore vulnerability, look at men's negative behaviors and also challenges that men face.  Exploring allyship with marginalized people and looking at power also happens here, in a courageous, supportive, non-shaming environment.  Frameworks and processes are offered from the intergenerational, interracial and mixed sexual orientation leadership team.  Humor, connection, story sharing, experiential learning and a feeling of belonging are hallmarks here. 

Founder: David Hatfield

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