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Our Mission

We are men exploring what it means to share real intimacy with other men (including trans men). Erotic energy has great power and potential for guiding us through healing and transformation.

Men In Touch is dedicated to promoting vitality in body, heart and soul through the medium of touch, mindfulness, yoga and movement.

We strive to create safe and inviting spaces for men of all types to explore their creativity, sexuality, and spirituality.

Reviews from Previous Retreatants
  • “You have created an amazing space for this intimacy and touching … You have struck a balance between structure and free association which made me feel comfort, nurturance, confidence, and freedom…”

  • “The effects of the workshop, I feel, are life-changing. Something deep within me has shifted and I can more easily say ‘I deserve to feel this good and to love myself.' I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself and reconnecting to myself and it feels great. You are really doing great work!”

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Who Are We?

Men In Touch was founded in 1987 by Sequoia and Doug Fraser. Since Doug's passing in 1995, Sequoia was the lead facilitator until 2021. At present, Ziji, Jeff, Jackson, and Chris are facilitating most workshops together.

Doug Fraser, Sequoia,
Wildfire ~ early 90s
Sequoia ~ 2016
Daka Ziji (he/they)

Ziji has been studying Tantra and Buddhism for 16 years, and now offers eros-spirit massage, sacred intimacy and shamanic medicine integration. They strive to create spaces where people feel safe, appreciated, and honoured in body, heart and mind. Ziji is Persian-Canadian and committed to increasing diversity and belonging in the realm of sacred eroticism. Connect with Ziji at:


Jackson Wai Chung Tse 謝瑋聰 (he/they) 
Jackson is an acclaimed Hong Kong-Canadian interdisciplinary artist and facilitator. Exploring themes such as embodiment, communication, and queer identities coexisting with cultural values, Jackson has been synthesizing and facilitating anti-oppressive, creative, and relational workshops for groups around the world since 2003. They dedicate their life to reclaiming spiritual connection, joy, and self-worth back from colonized ideas. Connect with Jackson at:

Slow Hand Jeff.jpg

Jeff Slow Hand (he/him)​

I'm grateful to live, work and play in Vancouver, on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples. I've given massages informally for twenty years, and in 2018 started a sensual massage practice, Slow Hand Massage (  I take a meditative, sensual and integrative approach to support people of all genders and orientations to discover, enjoy and improve their relationship with their whole bodies, just the way they are.


Chris John (he/him) 

I have been teaching yoga and movement, both privately and wth Health Initiative for Men, over the past 10 years. I enjoy teaching all levels, but my main interests is to teach those who are newer to the practice. My passion for yoga stems from my time as a modern dancer. I’ve always been fascinated with how the human form moves through space. And being able to transition my passion of dance to yoga has been a rewarding journey.

Sequoia and James Broughton

James Broughton was a pioneering film-maker and playful poet. From 1980 until his passing in 1999, he was a major mentor and dear friend of Sequoia, and inspired us at several events with his wisdom and unconditional love.

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