Authentic Relating for Men*
Mid-September 2021, dates TBD
*Cis & Transmen

Authentic Relating is the practice of expressing your true experience in the company of others, discovering and revealing deeper layers of yourself and being willing to see deeper layers of others. 

It’s about learning to tune into the present moment: to speak from that place, knowing that you don’t have to hide any part of your experience. 

We’ll use time-tested “games” that encourage having fun while playing with different ways of relating to one another. It’s about listening deeply and developing the skill of empathy. 

Authentic Relating is a safer place to learn to remove our masks in order to practice relating “person-to-person” or even “essence-to-essence.”

When: Mid-September to Mid-October for 90 minutes

Times:  6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

*These classes are offered in collaboration with 

Men in the UK and Europe can register on their website.

Please tell friends there!


Teachers:  Sequoia Thom & Daka Ziji (learn more about them here)



  • $60-120 CDN sliding scale

  • $45-90 USD

  • Scholarships are available with priority given to indigenous, trans and people of colour.

  • Risk free: Try out the first class before you commit and pay for the series; pay between the first and second classes. No refunds after payment.

In these four 90-minute classes, you will:

  • come to know yourself better

  • develop skills for expressing yourself better

  • build confidence in sharing honestly

  • practice vulnerability and listening deeply to others

  • get playful, get creative, and have fun!

  • Move at a rhythm and pace that works for you, in a safer and supportive context


Our sessions will take place online using the Zoom platform, to help with both physical distancing during the epidemic, and to also accommodate people from all over the world. You will be surprised at how deeply intimate the connections will be, even in the absence of touch, and this skill can become a springboard to re-energize already existing relationships with friends, lovers and family.