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Be A Better Lover:

Confidence Is Sexy!

“Pleasure transforms and the greater the pleasure the greater the transformation.”

              - Tantric principle

Sexual energy is key to our vitality. We all want to be confident when we are giving and receiving pleasure. Sometimes we need a little help. We could all use inspiration from time to time.

Perhaps, you’re not entirely sure if you’re a good lover. Perhaps you know you need some help in this department but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask. Or maybe you want to gain a few more skills to make your lovemaking to another level.

In this day-long workshop, we will dive into this delicious topic. Explore some evocative ideas and sexy fun experiments designed to inspire our offerings as sensitive, creative, empowered lovers.

Where: In a private home in East Vancouver


When: Nov 10, 10am-6pm


Cost: $195 CDN, $160 USD

First four registrations receive a $70 CDN ($50 USD) discount! SOLD OUT Next four registrations receive a $35 CDN ($25 USD) discount! SOLD OUT


Need a scholarship? Just ask!

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Six Juicy Skills you'll take away:

Please come back! Fool proof ways to reconnect when you and/or your partner have drifted away from your pleasure on a cloud of thoughts.

Time traveling sounds fun, but... Discover the difference between experiencing pleasure in the present moment and rushing into the future
where a climax is happening.

Riding the waves. Every position and pleasurable offering has a beginning, middle and end. Sense and play with these cycles to keep erotic energy flowing.

Tricks are for kids. Uncover moves or actions that you use habitually, and perhaps unconsciously, that may be creating moments of disconnection.

Super-Size Sensuality. Balancing our sexual and sensual offerings in lovemaking creates an exponential shift in pleasure.

The immaculate container. Creating the space and time that allows for true sexy confidence to shine!

This event is a collaboration between MEN IN TOUCH and the MENBODIED INSTITUTE. Your facilitators:


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