Into Me See

Autumn 2021

Dates TBD

The deepest form of intimacy (into-me-see) comes from being radically present and attuned, to be in a shared space of consciousness with another person. When we let go into that space, and let the other person be who they are, we can enter into the “We-Space,” the universal consciousness beyond our usual sense of self. This shared space can bring great delight, rousing passion, deep vulnerability, tender sadness, exquisite beauty, fiery energy, and much more. 


You will learn eye-gazing meditations to uncover the uninterrupted flow of energy emerging in every moment. As we witness the creative impulse manifesting spontaneously in the We-Space, we can discover new ways of being and connecting with others. Beyond the usual talking about likes, dislikes, politics and personal history, we illuminate the underlying interconnectivity amongst all humans, and feel less absorbed in the isolation that is endemic in modern Western society.


4 Classes - Autumn 2021

11am Pacific, 7pm GMT, 8pm CET



Jay Allen & Sequoia Thom


  • $60-120 CDN sliding scale

  • $45-90 USD

  • No charge for those who have completed a previous 4-week series.

  • Scholarships are available with priority given to indigenous, trans and people of colour.

  • Risk free: Try out the first class before you commit and pay for the series; pay between the first and second classes. No refunds after payment.

In these four 90-minute classes, we will spend most of our time practicing different styles of We-Space meditation that have been developed by various teachers. This is a skill best learned through practice, and gets richer and more nuanced the more we dive into it. As you get paired with random partners, you will discover the infinite possibilities for what can arise in the We-Space. No two sessions are alike!


Our sessions will take place online using the Zoom platform, to help with both physical distancing during the epidemic, and to also accommodate people from all over the world. You will be surprised at how deeply intimate the connections will be, even in the absence of touch, and this skill can become a springboard to re-energize already existing relationships with friends, lovers and family.

Once you have completed a 4-week series of Into Me See, you are welcome to join the weekly practice sessions that will continue on Mondays at 6PM Pacific.

These are run by participants at no charge.

"The ability to go deep in being with another man so quickly was powerfully nourishing...I learned that all of us thrive on opening up to our inner life of emotions and being able to share that with another amazing man."   Jerry, Sep 2020